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comunity trees

What We Do And Why

Planting Trees

We aim to plant at least a 100.000 trees a year with the community and for the community.  We have a hardworking and dedicated team of workers/volunteers. And do this in coordination with local farmers, the council, other initiatives like Treesponsibility and the community. We want to plant trees for future generations and educate a little about the benefits of trees and biodiversity.

What We Do And Why

CO2 Reduction

Trees absorb/store co2 and other pollutants through their leaves. Their roots filter and clean water. Making them a perfect way to fight climate change and stop water contamination. Researchers estimate that we need to plant about 3 billion trees to stop climate change. That is a lot and we have a long way to go, but so far this looks like the cheapest and most achievable solution. The big advantage to other solutions is that trees have many other positive effects on our planet as well.

wet city

What We Do And Why

Flood Management

Climate change makes the weather more extreme and unpredictable. We are experiencing a warmer climate with long periods of drouth. When it rains it often comes down all at once. This makes it hard for the ground to absorb it. Roots act like a natural sponge absorbing water and strengthening the ground. Planting willows and other trees on river beds can slow down water and stop land erosion, functioning as a natural dam.


What We Do And Why

Mental Health

Research shows that the presence of trees and nature has a significantly positive effect on mental health. People that live around trees are happier and healthier research shows. it reduces stress levels and increases your concentration span.